A comprehensive plan for addressing autism in ways that help autistics:

  1. Provide funding for comfortable environments for autistics in public schools, where they can recover from the stress of being in a neurotypical environment. Features would include stimming toys, “squeeze machines”, weighted blankets, and noise-cancelling scarves/headphones. 
  2. Provide funding for more aides and counselors in public schools with comprehensive backgrounds in social/emotional issues rather than behavioral ones. Instead of one or two such counselors per school, how about five or six?
  3. Mandate a less bureaucratically inflexible, faster path towards obtaining 504 accommodations and IEP’s. Also mandate effective special education environments to help autistic students achieve their goals effectively. 
  4. For autistics on IEP’s, mandate a more accommodating standard curriculum, which allows motivated, academically-oriented autistics to succeed in higher level classes. 
  5. Close loopholes in the Americans with Disabilities Act, fully preventing discrimination in jobs, healthcare, housing, and applying for federal aid.
  6. Mandate more competent advocates and caretakers by requiring at minimum a bachelor’s degree in psychology and a license. Encourage people to acquire certifications by raising wages for social workers as incentive. 
  7. Create college scholarships for autistics, and require all colleges to provide necessary accommodations for students. 
  8. Encourage the creation of paid internships in diverse fields for autistics. 

There are a lot more things that I can’t think of right now, so please add things as you will.

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